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Version: v2.x

Read Replicas

Available on: Cloud Standard, Cloud Professional, Cloud Enterprise, Self-hosted Enterprise


Hasura Cloud and Hasura Enterprise can load balance queries and subscriptions across read replicas while sending all mutations and Metadata API calls to the primary.

Adding read replica URLs


Head to Data -> Manage -> <db-name> -> Edit

Connect database with read replica
For existing v1.3 projects

If you have configured your Postgres instances with replicas; then the replica URLs can be added to Hasura using the following environment variable in your project ENV Vars tab:

HASURA_GRAPHQL_READ_REPLICA_URLS=postgres://user:[email protected]:5432/db

In the case of multiple replicas, you can add the URLs of each replica as comma-separated values.

Additional environment variables for read replicas specifically:



NOTE: Please note that the above environment variables are only available for v1.3 projects and are no longer supported for v2.0 and above projects.

MS SQL Server

Head to Data -> Manage -> <db-name> -> Edit

Connect database with read replica