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Version: v2.x

MS SQL Server


Hasura allows connecting to a SQL Server database and build a GraphQL API based on the database schema.

Supported versions:
  1. Hasura GraphQL Engine v2.0.0-alpha.2 onwards
  2. SQL Server 2016 and upwards

Get Started

To try Hasura with SQL Server, you'll need your own new or existing SQL Server database.

Here are 2 ways you can get started with Hasura and SQL Server:

  1. Hasura Cloud: You'll need to be able to access your SQL Server database from Hasura Cloud.
  2. Docker: Run Hasura with Docker and then connect your SQL Server database to Hasura.

Supported features

Hasura currently supports queries, subscriptions, mutations, relationships, permissions, and Event Triggers on MS SQL Server.

Next up on our roadmap for Hasura + SQL Server:

  • Support for stored procedures & custom functions (#7073)
  • Remote Joins: Join models in SQL Server to models from other API services (GraphQL or REST) (#7076)

Keep up to date

If you'd like to stay informed about the status of SQL Server support, subscribe to our newsletter and join our discord!

Additional Resources

This Hands-on Demo walks you through Getting Started with Hasura on SQL Server & common use cases. - View Recording here.

We also have a tutorial available on our Learn site - check out the Microsoft SQL Server tutorial.

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