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Version: v2.x


Snowflake Beta Availability

The Hasura Snowflake connector is currently available in beta for all Hasura Cloud offerings and for Hasura Enterprise Edition (EE) customers. Once the Snowflake connector is generally available (GA), it will be available only for Hasura Cloud Enterprise and EE customers.

Snowflake Beta Regions

At this time, Snowflake access is only available on AWS Regions.


Hasura supports connecting to a Snowflake service to automatically build a GraphQL API based on its schema.

Supported versions:
  1. Hasura GraphQL Engine v2.16.0 onwards

Get Started

To try Hasura with Snowflake, you'll need a new or existing Snowflake instance.

Here are 2 ways you can get started with Hasura and Snowflake:

  1. Hasura Cloud: You'll need to be able to access your Snowflake instance service from Hasura Cloud.
  2. Docker: Run Hasura with Docker and then connect your Snowflake instance to Hasura.

Keep up to date


Currently, Hasura supports read-only queries, subscriptions, relationships, and permissions on Snowflake.

If you'd like to stay informed about the status of Snowflake support, subscribe to our newsletter and join our discord!

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