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Version: v2.x

Deploying Hasura with Flightcontrol


This guide shows how to deploy the Hasura GraphQL Engine on Flightcontrol.


To successfully follow and complete this guide, you need:

Deployment instructions

Step 1: Connect Hasura

Flightcontrol needs access to a GitHub repository you own that houses Hasura GraphQL Engine.

Step 2: Configure your environment

First, select GUI as the config type:

flightcontol enable console

Then, choose + Add Web Server (Fargate) under Services before entering the following server information:

Field NameValue
Build TypePull from Image Registry
Image RepositoryCreate an Image Registry on Flightcontrol and select it here
Image TagSet the Image Tag to your preferred version or latest
Health Check Path/healthz

Completed, it will look like this:

flightcontol web server

Step 3: Configure your database

In the database section, Set the Env Variable Name for Connection String in Database settings to be HASURA_METADATA_DATABASE_URL and choose a region:

flightcontol enable console

Step 4: Enable the Hasura Console

In the environment variable section, set HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENABLE_CONSOLE to true:

flightcontol enable console

Step 5: Create your project

Click Create Project and complete any required steps (like linking your AWS account).