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Version: v2.x

Source Health Check


Hasura enables users to check the health of connected data sources via the Health Check API. API reference here.

Configuring source Health Check

A Health Check configuration contains information that Hasura uses to determine the health state of a source. You can set the time interval for when Hasura will re-perform the check on the source.

Currently, Hasura supports enabling Health Checks on Postgres and MS SQL Server databases. Support for other data sources will be added soon.

Health Check configurations for Postgres and SQL Server sources are identical and are as follows.

Console support will be added soon.

Reporting source Health Check


Health Check reports of sources can be obtained through a GET request from the /healthz/sources API, on demand. Learn more about the API here.


Hasura logs the Health Check status and other information via health-check-log type when enabled. Learn more about the Health Checks logs here.