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Version: v2.x

Enable GraphQL Caching

Available on: Enterprise Edition


To start using query response caching with your Hasura EE GraphQL Engine you will need a Redis instance that is co-located with the Hasura GraphQL containers.

Once you provision a Redis instance, provide the URL to the Hasura GraphQL Engine docker configuration using the following environment variable:

HASURA_GRAPHQL_REDIS_URL=redis://username:[email protected]:port

Enable Redis TLS

TLS connection information can be specified via the following environment variables:

  • HASURA_GRAPHQL_REDIS_USE_TLS: Opt-in flag that enables the use of TLS for the caching Redis instance, defaults to false.
  • HASURA_GRAPHQL_RATE_LIMIT_REDIS_USE_TLS: Opt-in flag that enables the use of TLS for the rate-limiting Redis instance, defaults to false.
  • HASURA_GRAPHQL_REDIS_TLS_HOSTNAME: TLS hostname to use for caching Redis instance.
  • HASURA_GRAPHQL_RATE_LIMIT_REDIS_TLS_HOSTNAME: TLS hostname to use for rate-limiting Redis instance.
  • HASURA_GRAPHQL_REDIS_TLS_SHARED_CA_STORE_PATH: path to the shared CA certificate store to use for both the caching and rate-limiting Redis instances. If unspecified, it defaults to the system CA store if available.


HASURA_GRAPHQL_REDIS_URL="redis://username:[email protected]:port"

For rate limit Redis:

HASURA_GRAPHQL_RATE_LIMIT_REDIS_URL="redis://username:[email protected]:port"