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Version: v2.x

Hasura Use Cases

Regardless of whether you're new to the Hasura ecosystem or a seasoned veteran, this page is designed to showcase the powerful features that can greatly enhance your development experience, allowing you to concentrate on your next big project while Hasura handles the heavy lifting.

Explore a variety of use cases to see how Hasura can streamline your workflow and boost productivity, as well as learning about diverse applications that demonstrate the true potential of the Hasura GraphQL engine.

Build a GraphQL backend

Construct a complex data model with a permission layer and expose it over a GraphQL endpoint for your backend service. Learn more

Hasura GraphQL Backend overview

Build a Data Access Layer

Effortlessly expose an authorization-enabled GraphQL service on top of your data sources in a matter of minutes. Learn more

Hasura Data API overview

Build an API gateway

Implement Hasura as a single gateway instance for your user clients, providing a streamlined interface to downstream microservices. Learn more

Hasura API Gateway overview