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Version: v2.x

Hasura CLI: hasura plugins uninstall

Uninstall a plugin.


To uninstall a plugin, run the uninstall command with the name of the plugin as an argument. If unsure of the plugin's name, you can run the Hasura plugins list command to see a list of all the available plugins.

hasura plugins uninstall [plugin-name] [flags]


# Uninstall a plugin
hasura plugins uninstall [plugin-name]


-h, --help   help for uninstall

Options inherited from parent commands

--envfile string      .env filename to load ENV vars from (default ".env")
--log-level string log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL) (default "INFO")
--no-color do not colorize output (default: false)
--project string directory where commands are executed (default: current dir)
--skip-update-check skip automatic update check on command execution


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