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Version: v2.x



The Hasura CLI Gateway plugin utilizes a typical command / flag syntax enabling you to quickly manage your Hasura federated instances under a parent gateway instance. A typical command structure will follow this pattern:

hasura gateway --<flag> "<flag_value>" <command>

A real-world example following this structure would be:

hasura gateway --gateway-url --gateway-configuration-file /path/to/gateway-configuration.json --admin-secret myadminsecret check

This snippet illustrates the check command with three flags and their respective values (i.e., gateway-url, gateway-configuration-file, and admin-secret).

Gateway configuration file format

A sample gateway configuration, which represents the child Hasura instance's Remote Schema, looks like this:

"name": "hasura-1",
"definition": {
"url": "",
"timeout_seconds": 60,
"customization": {},
"headers": [
"name": "x-hasura-admin-secret",
"value": "hasura-1-admin-secret"
"forward_client_headers": true
"comment": "Hasura Child instance 1 for this parent gateway"

Getting help

At any time, you can use the --help flag on a certain command. Running hasura gateway --help will return information on available commands and flags:

gateway - Manage your gateway Hasura instance

gateway [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

build Append the given remote schema configuration in the gateway metadata and print it to stdout
check Check if the configuration of current Hasura project is compatible as remote schema in your gateway Hasura instance
publish Add the configuration of current Hasura project as remote schema in your gateway Hasura instance
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

--gateway-url value The URL of your gateway Hasura instance
--gateway-headers value The headers required to access your gateway Hasura instance
--gateway-configuration-file value Path to the configuration of your current Hasura instance i.e. the remote-schema configuration that must go into the metadata of the gateway Hasura
--admin-secret value The admin secret of Gateway Hasura instance
--help, -h show help

Use "gateway [command] --help" for more information about a command.
Support for headers

gateway-headers is not supported currently.