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Version: v2.x

Hasura Pro CLI on Hasura Cloud

Installing the Hasura Pro CLI

Hasura Pro CLI is distributed as a plugin to the Hasura Core CLI

  • Follow the instructions here to install Hasura Core CLI

  • Then execute the following command to install the Hasura Pro CLI plugin:

    hasura plugins install pro
  • You can verify the installation by executing the help command:

    hasura pro --help

Authentication with the Hasura Pro CLI

All interactions from the CLI to Hasura’s APIs are authenticated using a personal access token generated for your user account.

To set up a token, execute the following command on the CLI:

hasura pro login

This command will show a prompt for entering the personal access token.

Head to your Hasura Cloud account settings to create a new token. You can name it something like "cli". Note that the token will be shown only once and as soon as you copy the token, paste it in your terminal prompt.

Keep this token secure!

This token can be used to authenticate against Hasura Pro APIs and your Hasura Cloud projects. Make sure you keep it secure. This is a one-time operation. The token will be valid until you delete it.

Upgrading the CLI

To upgrade to a newer version, you can use the upgrade command:

hasura plugins upgrade pro

Uninstalling the CLI

To uninstall the CLI, use the uninstall command:

hasura plugins uninstall pro