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Version: v2.x

Regression Tests

The Hasura CLI Pro plugin can be used to run regression tests from your terminal. This is typically useful in your CI/CD workflows when you want to run tests in certain pipelines.

You can temporarily spin up a Hasura instance and then point the CLI to that instance to run tests.

Setting up the test suite

Before you can run tests, a test suite needs to be set up with operations that have been captured on your Hasura Project.

You can read more about setting up a test suite here.

Getting a personal access token

In order to communicate with Hasura's APIs, the CLI needs to be configured with an API access token.

Follow the instructions here to get a personal access token (PAT).

E.g. PAT token: ayrQdBG7UAzl642mLskLDtSuGNe7l9Bh8eIdQOtnXAG1GjxotHT38qOdSXl1smm

Running a regression test suite programmatically

1. Install the Hasura CLI and Pro add-on for CLI

  • Install the Hasura CLI
  • Install the Pro add-on for CLI: after installing the CLI, run the following command to install the add-on:
hasura plugins install pro

2. Configure the CI process

Add the Pro Backend (Lux) URL endpoints and PAT token to the CI environment variables:

export HASURA_PRO_METRICS_SERVER_ENDPOINT=<root-domain>/metrics
export HASURA_PRO_DATA_SERVER_ENDPOINT=<root-domain>/data
export HASURA_PRO_OAUTH_SERVER_ENDPOINT=<root-domain>/oauth
export HASURA_ACCOUNT_PAT=<pat-token>

The example assumes that the service URLs are Path based and not sub-domain based. This can be verified from the Kubernetes Ingress rules configuration for these services. For example:

export HASURA_ACCOUNT_PAT=ayrQdBG7UAzl642mLskLDtSuGNe7l9Bh8eIdQOtnXAG1GjxotHT38qOdSXl1smmp

Running tests

  1. Head to the Regression Testing tab in the Hasura instance's Console.
  2. In the Run tests tab, click Run tests on CLI to get the partial CLI command for running the regression tests on a Hasura instance with the selected test suite (defined on this project or another).

For example:

hasura pro regression-tests run --testsuite-id 17609e8f-c976-4d91-818d-235e0ac215e0 --project-id a6b3e7eb-bc46-4340-9ce9-72a0a8991b76

You can run tests using the CLI by adding a Hasura endpoint via the --endpoint flag to the above command:

hasura pro regression-tests run --testsuite-id <test-suite-id> --project-id <project-id>  --endpoint <hasura-instance-url>

In the hasura-instance-url, the v1/graphql suffix should not be present. If your GraphQL API is available at then the url is

The endpoint URL can be an external Hasura instance or a Hasura Community Edition instance running inside the CI environment.

This command fetches the entire test suite from Hasura Pro and runs the tests against the given endpoint. The results will be reported to the terminal. You can also view the test run and the results later on the Hasura Console in the Regression Tests menu's Past Runs tab.

The report in the terminal lists all the tests in the test-suite and gives the status success or failed for each of them. If there are any errors, the Error string is displayed and the count of passed and failed tests is also shown. If all the tests pass, the command returns with the 0 exit code. In the event of any test failures, a non-zero exit code is returned.