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Version: v2.x

Manage Payment Methods

Available on: Cloud Professional


You can add one or more cards as a payment method for the upcoming billing cycles on your Hasura Cloud account.

Add a new card

Go to the billing section, and click on View Cards.

view saved cards

Click the + sign to add a new card.

add a new card

After adding appropriate values, click Save.

Setting a default card

The default card is used for the payment of upcoming billing cycles.

Select the card you want to set as the default payment method or add a new card, check the Set Card as Default option and click Save.

set an exiting card as the default card
Add a new card as the default card

Delete a card

Select the card you want to delete and click the Remove Card option.

Delete card

A card set as default can not be deleted if the user has billable projects or pending dues.