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Version: v2.x

Project Collaborators


You can invite collaborators to your project and grant them partial or complete access to your Hasura Console. The Collaborators tab shows the current people who have access to the project and the people who have been invited to the project.

Invite a collaborator

Click Invite a Collaborator to invite a new collaborator by their email.

Collaborators tab

Collaborator roles

Collaborators can have different levels of access in the Hasura Console.

  • Admin has complete access to the Console, i.e. they can change the schema and the GraphQL Engine Metadata.
  • User has limited privileges:
    • The Execute GraphQL permission allows running queries, mutations and subscriptions from the GraphiQL tab of the Console.
    • The View Metrics permission allows inspecting operation data and metrics from the PRO tab of the Console. This access is not available on the Hasura Cloud Free plan.
    • Collaborators can also be invited to take billing responsibility for a project; see the billing owner page for more information.
Add collaborator

Remove a collaborator

To remove a collaborator, click on the collaborator and then click on the remove icon on the top right:

Remove collaborator

If you have invited a collaborator, you can click on the Invited button to resend or revoke the invitation.

Revoke collaboration invitation


You can see the projects you have been invited to collaborate on, on the project listing page.

Projects invited to collaborate