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Version: v2.x

Maintenance Mode


When updates are being rolled out to your Hasura Cloud project which demand no interruptions to your instance's configuration, maintenance mode is activated for your project.


Currently, cloud maintenance mode will only be activated for your project while you are updating it to Hasura GraphQL Engine v2.0.


This is not to be confused with environment variable HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENABLE_MAINTENANCE_MODE. The two are different as the env var enables the server maintenance mode which disables Metadata APIs (writes) on the project while the cloud maintenance mode does not. See below for actions disabled by the cloud maintenance mode.

Check if maintenance mode is activated

Navigate to your project's settings page, you should see a top banner mentioning if your project is under maintenance.

Project with maintenance mode activated

If you don't see such a banner, your project is not under maintenance mode.

Disabled actions when maintenance mode is activated

All actions that update your project's configurations are not allowed when maintenance mode is activated. The following actions are disallowed:

If you are trying to apply these changes when maintenance mode is activated, you will encounter an error.