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Version: v2.x

Manually Move Hasura Cloud v1.3 Projects to Hasura v2.0


Hasura Cloud now creates new projects with Hasura v2.0 by default. Due to some underlying architectural changes in v2.0, existing projects have not yet been upgraded to v2.0.

In the meanwhile it is possible to manually "move" your project to use Hasura v2.0. You will lose any scheduled events and the history of your processed events and async actions in the process though.

Do check the changelog first to see what changes and features have been introduced.

Move existing v1.3 project to a v2.0 project

As it is not possible to actually upgrade your v1.3 project to v2.0, you will have to essentially create a new Hasura Project with v2.0 and connect it with your database with the same Hasura Metadata as in the previous project.

Step 1: Export Metadata from existing project

See exporting metadata to get a copy of the current Hasura Metadata on your project.

Do ensure no further changes are made to the Hasura Metadata post this.

Step 2: Create a v2.0 Cloud project

See Step 1 of creating projects to create a new Hasura Cloud v2.0 project.

Step 3: Connect your database with the name default to the new project

See Step 2 of creating projects to connect your existing database to the new project. Please ensure you set the database name as default.


After connecting a database to a v2.0 project it will not be usable with a v1.3 project. Hence it is recommended to stop your v1.3 project before doing this.

Step 4: Apply the exported Metadata to the new project

See applying metadata to apply the earlier exported Metadata to the new project.

Your GraphQL API should now be regenerated as in the earlier v1.3 project.