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Version: v2.x

Recover Project


Sometimes you might need to recover a Hasura Cloud Project. This might happen if you need access to a Project that is owned by a former employee.

As a general rule, for security reasons, we do not support transferring ownership of Projects without the consent of the current Project owner. Below are some options for how you can recover a Project.

Option 1: Access through their work email

If the former employee used a work email, you can contact your email admin to gain access to that email account, and transfer ownership through there.

Option 2: Contact the former owner

If the former employee didn't use a work email to create the Project, or if it's impossible to access their work email, contact the former employee and ask them to transfer the Project to you.

Option 3: Create a new Project

If none of the above options are available for you, you can create a new Project with the same Metadata, Migrations, and env vars and redirect traffic to the new Project.