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Version: v2.x

Roll Back Applied Migrations (config v2)


If there are any issues with changes made to the DB schema and Hasura Metadata it is possible to roll back their state to a previous stable version.

Rolling back database schema

Database schema rollbacks can be achieved via the down Migrations generated every time a schema change is made.

Here are some example scenarios:

To roll back a particular migration version:

hasura migrate apply --version 1550925483858 --type down

To roll back the last 2 migration versions:

hasura migrate apply --down 2

Rollbacks will only work if there are down Migrations defined for a schema change.

e.g. The Console will not generate down Migrations for SQL statements executed from the SQL tab.

Rolling back Hasura Metadata

As Hasura Metadata is managed via snapshots of the metadata, to roll back Hasura Metadata to a particular state you need the metadata snapshot at that point. This is typically achieved by marking stable checkpoints of a project in version control via commits.

git checkout <stable-feature-commit>

hasura metadata apply