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Version: v2.x

Alerts in Hasura Cloud

Hasura Alerts is a feature available to Cloud customers that proactively notifies you about important events and incidents in your Hasura infrastructure. It enables you to define specific conditions and thresholds to trigger alerts, ensuring you stay informed about critical changes and potential performance and reliability issues in real-time.

Sign up for the beta

If you want to try out Alerts, sign up for the beta on your Hasura Cloud dashboard.

Key benefits

  • Faster Incident Resolution - By receiving timely alerts, users can quickly identify incidents and take immediate action to address them. This reduces the time it takes to detect and respond to issues, minimizing their impact on system performance and user experience.
  • Improved Reliability - By promptly detecting and resolving incidents, Hasura Alerts helps improve the overall reliability. Users can proactively address potential issues before they impact end-users, resulting in enhanced system stability and user satisfaction.
  • Performance Issue Detection - Performance issues can arise within or downstream from Hasura infrastructure. With alerting, users can monitor important performance metrics and receive notifications when thresholds are breached. This allows for timely intervention and optimization, ensuring optimal system performance.
  • Root Cause Identification - Incidents often have downstream causes that originate from outside the Hasura infrastructure itself. Proactive alerting helps users quickly trace these issues to their root causes, enabling more efficient troubleshooting and resolution.

Notification channels and integrations

Hasura Alerts support email and Slack notifications. This allows you to receive alerts through preferred communication channels, increasing accessibility and response efficiency. The diagram below illustrates the architecture of how alerts can be configured. To learn more about how to configure alerts, see this page.

Hasura Cloud Alerts architecture