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Version: v2.x

Built-in Monitoring in Hasura Cloud


Observability is a critical aspect of any application, and Hasura Cloud provides developers with a powerful set of tools to monitor and debug their applications. In this document, we'll explore the observability features available in Hasura Cloud and how they can help you build better applications.


Hasura Cloud provides alerts that can be used to notify you when certain events occur in your application. These can be configured to send notifications via email, Slack, or other channels, allowing you to stay informed about the health of your application.

Error Reporting

Hasura Cloud provides detailed error reporting for GraphQL queries and mutations. Whenever an error occurs, Hasura Cloud captures the error message, query, and other relevant information, allowing you to quickly identify and fix the issue. This feature is particularly useful when debugging complex GraphQL queries and mutations.

Usage Summaries

Hasura Cloud provides usage summaries for your GraphQL operations, allowing you to monitor the performance of your application and identify any performance bottlenecks. The usage summaries can be filtered by time range, operation type, and other parameters, making it easy to pinpoint performance issues.

GraphQL Operations

Hasura Cloud provides detailed metrics for your GraphQL operations, including query latency, request count, and error rate. This information can be used to monitor the performance of your application and identify any issues that may be impacting your users.


Hasura Cloud supports WebSockets, allowing you to build real-time applications that can push data updates to the client in real-time without having to continuously poll the server. Hasura Cloud provides detailed metrics for your WebSocket connections, including connection count, message count, and error rate.

Subscription Workers

Hasura Cloud provides subscription workers that can be used to process subscriptions and deliver real-time updates to your clients. The subscription workers are fully managed and can be scaled up or down based on your application's needs.

Distributed Tracing

Hasura Cloud provides distributed tracing capabilities, allowing you to trace requests across multiple services and identify any performance bottlenecks. The tracing information can be used to optimize your application's performance and ensure that it is running smoothly.

Query Tags

Hasura Cloud provides query tags, which can be used to tag your GraphQL queries and mutations with metadata. This metadata can be used to filter and group your usage summaries and metrics, making it easy to identify trends and patterns in your application's usage.