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Version: v2.x



The Operations tab will present a processed real-time log of all requests to the GraphQL Engine. Here you can also inspect individual operations.

Hasura Cloud Console list operations
Hasura Cloud Console inspect operation

Capture query variables

At the top of the Monitoring > Operations page in the Console, you can select whether to turn on "Capture query variables" which is disabled by default.

Hasura Cloud Console enable extra Operations features

When "Capture query variables" is enabled, you are able to inspect the query variables provided for each request.

Hasura Cloud Console Operations capture query variables


Any GraphQL (query, mutation, subscription) request made to v1/graphql endpoint of a GraphQL Engine instance

Operation name
(Optional) Any GraphQL request can be labelled with a name by the client making the query. In this example, getPollOptions is the operation name:

query getPollOptions (
poll {
options {

Operation ID
A unique, auto-generated hash for each Operation name; can distinguish between different operations executed with the same name

Operation type
Whether the operation is a query, mutation, or subscription

Request ID
A unique, auto-generated ID for each request, comes from x-request-id HTTP header

Websocket ID
A unique ID generated by the server when a websocket connection is established by the client

Websocket Operation ID
A unique ID generated by the websocket client for each operation it is sending to the server

Filtering operations

Click on the Filter header to open the menu of filter options

Filter optionFilter typeExample or options
Time rangetimestampslast hour, last 6 hours, last 12 hours, last 24 hours, or custom range
Operation IDstring (text field)5284946f4e15aa81bc868316d56aa68f
Operation Namestring (text field)getPollOptions
Request IDstring (text field)e15f7bj9-3b9f-4152-92a4-e745471514af
Show only errorsboolean (checkbox field)true or false (default false)
Websocket IDstring (text field)def703fc-851f-48e8-8e5c-cbdead37b2fe
Websocket Operation IDstring (text field)110
Hide introspection queryboolean (checkbox field)true or false (default false)
Operation Typeenum (select field)query, mutation, subscription, all
Roleenum (select field)from x-hasura-user-role: no role, admin, user, ...
Error Codeenum (select field)no error code, access-denied, depth-limit-exceeded, ...
Client Nameenum (select field)no client name, hasura-console, hasura-test-runner, ...
Transportenum (select field)http or ws
Statusenum (select field)started or closed

Sorting operations

Each column in the Operations List can be sorted (ascending or descending) just by clicking on it. Very useful for identifying operations with unusually high execution time or response size!