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Version: v2.x

Hasura Cloud observability integrations with external services


To be able to effectively monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot your application stack in production, Hasura Cloud will export metrics, logs and traces to observability tools / APM vendors.

Supported integrations

Check out the following guides on how to export telemetry data from Hasura Cloud to the observability tool of your choice:

More metrics on OpenTelemetry exporter

Try the new OpenTelemetry exporter to get advanced metrics and traces to connect with the tool of your choice. This integration will export the metrics as detailed here.

Log types

Hasura Cloud combines various Hasura GraphQL Engine server log types into a single log called the operation log. This operation log is exported via integrations to your observability tool of choice.

Various Hasura GraphQL Engine server logs are combined to generate an operation log:

  • http_logs
  • query_logs
  • websocket_logs
  • ws_server_logs
  • ws_connection_init_logs
An example of an exported operation log:
"operation_type": "query",
"request_read_time": 0.00000776,
"response_size": 443,
"execution_time": 0.254919258,
"user_role": "admin",
"hostname": "hasura-cloud",
"project_id": "6450524a-ecc2-4676-9ecb-ba6a90a13c3d",
"is_error": false,
"operation_id": "a456caf866ebcab1a592ade80f07a622652181a9",
"request_size": 100,
"user_vars": {
"x-hasura-role": "admin"
"client_name": "",
"ws_operation_id": "",
"parameterized_query_hash": "a456caf866ebcab1a592ade80f07a622652181a9",
"server_client_id": "",
"websocket_id": "",
"kind": "",
"query": {
"query": "query MyQuery {\n author {\n id\n }\n}\n",
"operationName": "MyQuery"
"instance_uid": "c9e43acf-2e09-41a7-8aa8-ddeff4e64a21",
"transport": "http",
"url": "/v1/graphql",
"operation_name": "MyQuery",
"service": "polite-muskox-52",
"request_headers": {
"referer": "",
"sec-fetch-site": "cross-site",
"origin": "",
"true-client-ip": "",
"CDN-Loop": "cloudflare",
"Accept-Encoding": "gzip",
"CF-Connecting-IP": "",
"sec-ch-ua-mobile": "?0",
"content-type": "application/json",
"Content-Length": "100",
"X-Real-IP": "",
"sec-fetch-mode": "cors",
"CF-IPCountry": "IN",
"CF-RAY": "7a08f2590e4cf45e-BOM",
"accept-language": "en-US,en;q=0.9",
"X-Request-Id": "2f1280a31e31716e4300e84550cc7eb7",
"Connection": "close",
"X-Forwarded-Proto": "https",
"CF-Visitor": "{\"scheme\":\"https\"}",
"Host": "",
"dnt": "1",
"accept": "*/*",
"sec-ch-ua": "\"Not A(Brand\";v=\"24\", \"Chromium\";v=\"110\"",
"sec-ch-ua-platform": "\"macOS\"",
"X-Forwarded-For": "",
"X-NginX-Proxy": "true",
"sec-fetch-dest": "empty",
"user-agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36"
"db_uid": "",
"error_code": "",
"time": "2023-02-28T11:51:09.116Z",
"request_id": "2f1280a31e31716e4300e84550cc7eb7"


Hasura Cloud APM integrations export the following metrics:

Metric NameDescription
average_requests_per_minuteAverage number of requests
average_execution_timeAverage request execution time
success_rateSuccess rate of requests
active_subscriptionsNumber of Active subscriptions
websockets_openNumber of open websockets


Hasura Cloud APM integrations export the same trace logs as Hasura GraphQL Engine. You can find more information about tracing here.


Hasura samples all trace logs and exports only 5% to your configured APM provider.

An example of an exported trace log:
"resourceSpans": [
"resource": {
"attributes": [
"key": "Region",
"value": {
"stringValue": "us-west"
"scopeSpans": [
"scope": {
"name": "hasura",
"version": "v2.19.0"
"spans": [
"traceId": "e44b8c614e0f7434b7b55c914fa71b1c",
"spanId": "d3af63b8e6191589",
"parentSpanId": "a5648ac5af5faf1f",
"name": "Postgres",
"startTimeUnixNano": "1676531420905206010",
"endTimeUnixNano": "1676531420916114926",
"status": {
"code": "STATUS_CODE_OK"
"traceId": "e44b8c614e0f7434b7b55c914fa71b1c",
"spanId": "a5648ac5af5faf1f",
"parentSpanId": "0d6b602bc5a7b3af",
"name": "Postgres Query for root field \"Album\"",
"startTimeUnixNano": "1676531420905131593",
"endTimeUnixNano": "1676531420916617176",
"status": {
"code": "STATUS_CODE_OK"
"traceId": "e44b8c614e0f7434b7b55c914fa71b1c",
"spanId": "0d6b602bc5a7b3af",
"parentSpanId": "a085bd763f8f72da",
"name": "Query",
"startTimeUnixNano": "1676531420904690968",
"endTimeUnixNano": "1676531420916671343",
"status": {
"code": "STATUS_CODE_OK"
"traceId": "e44b8c614e0f7434b7b55c914fa71b1c",
"spanId": "a085bd763f8f72da",
"parentSpanId": "",
"name": "/v1/graphql",
"startTimeUnixNano": "1676531420903555760",
"endTimeUnixNano": "1676531420919447135",
"status": {
"code": "STATUS_CODE_OK"