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Version: v2.x



Our Learn team has been hard at work developing a comprehensive set of tutorials that can help you master any part of the stack.

Check them out!

Sample apps and boilerplates

We have an exhaustive list of sample apps and boilerplates using Hasura. These items are a great for reference or helping you to get a head-start on your next project.

Check them out!

Updating to Hasura v2

If you have a legacy project still using Hasura v1 and are interested in upgrading to Hasura v2, this guide walks you through step-by-step while explaining the differences between versions.

Visual Studio Code Integration

We're always looking for ways to make developers' lives easier! This VS Studio Code integration makes writing and validating your GraphQL requests a breeze!


If you are new to GraphQL you can check out some front-end and back-end tutorials for building applications using GraphQL at