June 21, 2023 | 10:15 am PST

Introducing Hasura version 3

Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal
Senior Product Manager, Hasura
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About the Talk

Since the release of Hasura version 2 in 2021, when we fundamentally opened the platform with generalizing database connectivity, we have seen massive adoption of Hasura by developer teams building enterprise-grade data APIs. It’s now time to start a new epoch of software development by tackling the two most common problems faced by developers: the need to iterate at an extremely fast rate and achieve high performance at any scale. With the release of version 3, fundamental changes to the architecture makes developing with Hasura even better, along with opening the platform further on both fronts –metadata authoring and data connectivity. Join this session to learn more about the new developer experience and features in version 3.