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Senior Haskell Engineer (Bangalore/Remote)

Careers at Hasura is hiring senior Haskell developers. We build tools for developers to lessen the effort that goes into building backends for applications. One of our core products is graphql-engine which gives the developer a realtime GraphQL backend on a Postgres database.

We are a fairly small team. We are hiring for two positions:

Senior Haskell developer:


We are looking for someone who

- has extensive Haskell experience

- has architected large scale applications in Haskell

- has an understanding of the current best practices for writing production quality code

- knows how to optimise Haskell code for performance

- can guide the less experienced Haskell developers on the team

Good to have

- Experience working with relational databases, Postgres in particular

- Interested in speaking at conferences


Bangalore, India or remotely (see below)


2,500,000 (25L) - 3,000,000 (30L) INR per annum. For exceptional candidates, we will be able to push it further.

Senior developer:

If you are not an experienced Haskell developer as outlined above, we are still interested in hearing from you.

We expect you to have an extensive experience in functional programming languages (OCaml, Scala, F#, any LISP like language .. ), have played an instrumental part in the design and implementation of large scale projects and the ability to quickly ramp up to Haskell.


2,000,000 (20L) - 2,500,000 (25L) INR per annum. For exceptional candidates, we will be able to push it further.

Remote work:

We are open to remote work but we cannot pay you competitively as per your country of residence. Your pay will be as specified above. For reference, 30L in INR is about 42,000 USD. However with PPP, it is about $175,000, a good pay if you are willing to relocate to India, even for a short while. You should also be willing to work with us on a short term engagement to see if we are a good fit for each other.

How to apply

If this role interests you, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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