About us

Based out of Bangalore and San Francisco, Hasura makes developer tools that simplify and accelerate product development.

The Founders

Rajoshi Ghosh

Rajoshi started her career as a bioinformatics researcher in the field of genomics, and moved into the technology startup space during her fellowship as a mentor at a tech incubator for startups (MEST) in Ghana. She is an alumnus of the National University of Singapore and Stanford Ignite.

Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai holds a Bachelors & Masters degree from IIT Madras in CSE. Although from a computer vision background, his focus over the last few years has been on cloud infrastructure, functional programming and GraphQL. He's an instructor for India's largest tech MOOC - IMAD.

The Name & Logo

Hasura Logo

The name Hasura comes from a portmanteau of Asura, the Sanskrit word for demon, and Haskell. Asura refers to daemons, or computer programs that run as background processes. Haskell is the functional programming language we used to build Hasura in, and is Hasura’s one true <3.

Our Investors

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