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Version: v3.x beta

Hasura DDN CLI: ddn add connector-manifest


Add a new ConnectorManifest to Subgraph

$ ddn add connector-manifest --help
Add a new ConnectorManifest to Subgraph

ddn add connector-manifest <name> [flags]

connector-manifest, ConnectorManifest, cm

# Add a ConnectorManifest "mydb" on Subgraph "app" from hub "hasura/postgres" to build on Hasura DDN
ddn add connector-manifest mydb --subgraph app --hub-connector hasura/postgres --type cloud

--clean Ignore local cache of connector package
-h, --help help for connector-manifest
--hub-connector hasura/postgres Name and version of connector in Hasura Connector Hub. Currently only hasura/postgres is supported for cloud ConnectorBuild
-s, --subgraph string Subgraph where the ConnectorManifest should be added
--type string One of cloud | endpoints. Whether the ConnectorBuild should be created on Hasura DDN or is already running. Choose 'cloud' by default (required)

Global Flags:
--dir string DDN Project directory in which hasura.yaml is present (default ".")
--log-level string Log level. Can be DEBUG, WARN, INFO, ERROR, or FATAL. (default "INFO")
--no-prompt Do not prompt for required but missing flags
--out string Output format. Can be table, json or yaml. (default "table")
-p, --project string DDN Project name
--supergraph-manifest string SupergraphManifest to use