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Version: v2.x

GraphQL API Reference


All GraphQL requests for queries, subscriptions and mutations are made to the GraphQL API.


The GraphQL API is available at the /v1/graphql (or /v1alpha1/graphql) endpoint of your Hasura GraphQL Engine instance.

For example, if your GraphQL Engine is running at, the GraphQL API will be available at via POST requests.


The /v1/graphql endpoint returns HTTP 200 status codes for all responses. This is a breaking change from the /v1alpha1/graphql behavior, where request errors and internal errors were responded with 4xx and 5xx status codes.

Request types

The following types of requests can be made using the GraphQL API:

Batching requests

The GraphQL API provides support for batched requests (which can be a combination of queries and mutations). The endpoint will accept an array of operations in place of a single operation, and return an array of corresponding responses.

Example: using a client which supports batching (such as Apollo Client), we can send two query operations in one request:

Query Variables
Request Headers
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