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Version: v2.x



Hasura enables you to connect to MariaDB databases to automatically build a rich GraphQL API based on your database schema.

At present, our MariaDB integration is available for testing in Hasura Cloud and Docker environments, where you can run Hasura GraphQL Engine and connect the MariaDB GraphQL Data Connector to it. For more information on GraphQL Data Connectors check out our blog post on the topic.

To get started with MariaDB:

Supported versions:
  1. Hasura GraphQL Engine v2.24.0 onwards
  2. Hasura supports most databases with standard implementations of MariaDB 10.5 and higher including: Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Digital Ocean and SkySQL.
Supported features

Hasura currently supports queries, mutations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), table relationships, remote relationships and permissions on MariaDB.

Note that Hasura doesn't yet support the ability to modify the database schema for MariaDB, so the database you connect to should already contain tables and data. You should also ideally have access to it outside of Hasura to modify the schema.

Coming soon for MariaDB