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Version: v2.x

Get Started

Available on: Self-hosted Enterprise


  1. Hasura EE can be deployed as a single Docker container and so to install and use this product, you will need a container platform (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, Google CloudRun, Azure Containers).

  2. Hasura EE depends on the following software for its features. We highly recommend using managed instances from your cloud or infrastructure provider.

    • PostgreSQL database (v10 and above) to store your Metadata (just like Hasura CE).
    • Redis database (v5 and above).

Installation instructions

License key

To run Hasura EE, you will need a license key. Please contact Hasura Sales if you do not already have one.

Installation in a container platform

Please refer to the quickstart sections which describe how to install Hasura EE in various container platforms. Each of the below guides requires HGE versions v2.12.0 and above.