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Version: v2.x

Projects & Collaborators


The Projects page shows a list of your projects.

Projects list

Basic project actions

For each project, you can do the one of the following actions:

Project actions

Open project Console

Click Launch Console to open the project's Hasura Console in your browser.

Project console

Manage project settings

Click the gear icon to manage your project settings.

General tab

Version upgrades

When using Hasura Cloud, upgrades to the service happen automatically on a regular basis. These upgrades are designed to improve the functionality and security of the service, and to ensure that you always have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

When a new version of Hasura Cloud is released, your instance will be automatically upgraded to the new version. This happens without any action required on your part, and should not cause any disruption to your service.


Please see the API reference to create and manage Hasura Cloud projects programmatically.

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