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Version: v2.x


Hasura Observability is a set of tools that help you monitor and debug your Hasura instance. With Observability, you can check on the performance of your GraphQL API, debug errors, and get insights into your GraphQL API usage. Observability is a part of Hasura Cloud and is available to all paid plans.

We offer integrations with popular monitoring tools like Datadog, Prometheus, and OpenTelemetry and you can quickly get set up with these tools using one of our guides. You can try our observability tools for free with a 30-day trial of Hasura Enterprise Edition.

For our Enterprise customers, we have a set of pre-built dashboards and alerting rules configured with the Prometheus Grafana Jaeger stack, with which you can monitor and debug Hasura. These dashboards will be available soon and integrated with Hasura Cloud too. You can read more and explore these dashboards  here.

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