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Architecture and authorization modelling for a complex multi-tenant SaaS platform with Hasura

22-06-2020 · 09:40 PDT
The goal of this talk is to provide attendees with a brief overview of what the Prefect Cloud API does, how Hasura fits into its architecture, and the benefits that Hasura provides to us.
The contents will cover a brief overview of Prefect Cloud in order to provide context. Where Hasura sits in our architecture, both from an infrastructure and a code perspective. Our permissions scheme (we manage both user and tenant-level permissions) and how this works within Hasura. How external users interact with Hasura via Prefect Cloud’s GraphQL API. How Prefect developers interact with Hasura, including the ORM we’ve built around it.
  • How to architect a public-facing API using Hasura
  • How to manage permissions in Hasura along one or more dimensions
  • How to use Hasura to improve external consumption and internal dev productivity
Zachary Hughes
Zachary Hughes
Cloud Engineer
About Zachary Hughes
Zachary is currently a Cloud Engineer at Prefect, where he builds and supports the Prefect Cloud API. In his free time, he loves spoiling his dog, hiking, baking, crafting ceramics, and making folks groan with truly awful puns.