The Hasura User Conference

HasuraCon is a free, online conference. Join us for a week of talks and hand-on workshops about pushing the boundaries of GraphQL forward!
18 - 25 June
GraphQL Workshops

Live hands-on workshops by the core Hasura team.

18th June | 9am to 12pm PST

Enterprise-grade GraphQL Authorization

Learn how to connect your auth systems to Hasura and how to implement any kind of authorization: rules, roles, tags, hierarchies, attribute based systems!
19th June | 9am to 12pm PST

Architecting domain-driven GraphQL apps

Setup a reference architecture for your team to build complex GraphQL apps with Hasura. Integrate your favourite frontend, backend, CI/CD tooling for maximum feature velocity.
15th July | 9am to 12pm PDT

Scaling Hasura from 10 to 1M reqs/s

Scale a fully loaded GraphQL application built with Hasura (complete with auth & custom business logic) from 10 req/s to 1 million req/s without any downtime.

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