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Hasura Cloud gives you a fully managed, production ready GraphQL API as a service to help you build modern apps faster. Get started in 30 seconds!

Why Hasura Cloud

Hasura Cloud is a fully re-engineered version of Hasura's popular open source graphql engine that gives you a scalable, highly available, globally distributed, secure GraphQL API over your data sources.

Hasura Cloud takes care of all the performance, security & reliability requirements of your API layer by adding a powerful suite of production-ready features from day one.
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Monitoring and TracingMonitoring and Tracing

  • grayCircleMonitor errors, websocket connections, subscriptions, with drill-down into individual operations.
  • grayCircleDistributed tracing across database, remote schemas, event trigger and auth webhooks, and actions
  • grayCircleAPI access to Hasura-generated metrics.

Query & Dynamic Data CachingQuery & Dynamic Data Caching

  • grayCircleAutomatic caching of your shared data: Hasura understands your data models and your end-user authorization rules.
  • grayCircleCache query plans at the GraphQL and at the database level with Hasura’s advanced query engine.
  • grayCircleBlazing fast performance.

Rate LimitingRate Limiting

  • grayCirclePrevent abuse / DoS attacks on your GraphQL API.
  • grayCircleManage QoS with user identity & session aware configuration.
  • grayCircleSet limits based on-
    • LineNo. of requests per minute/hour
    • LineQuery depth

Regression TestsRegression Tests

  • grayCirclePrevent breaking changes & regressions automatically by replaying production traffic on dev/staging to capture schema & configuration changes.
  • grayCircleAutomatically create a regression suite using production traffic.
  • grayCircleReplay operations from the regression suite in dev & staging.

Team ManagementTeam Management

  • grayCircleMember specific login to Hasura project with granular privileges.
    • LineRun GraphQL queries
    • LineView analytics & metrics
    • LineManage team members
  • grayCircleSSO integration available on request.


  • grayCirclePrevent scraping & abuse of your GraphQL API by allow-listing GraphQL operations actually used by your app.
  • grayCircleAutomatically build an allow-list by capturing operations during CI.
  • grayCircleEnable warn mode to only log unknown operations in production without preventing their execution.

Read ReplicasRead Replicas

  • grayCircleNative Read Replica support for enhanced performance and scalability.
  • grayCircleAutomatic routing for queries, subscriptions and mutations across master and read-replicas.
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Coming Soon

Blue/Green deployments: Roll out new versions of your GraphQL API on the same set of data-sources.
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