HasuraCon 2023

Join us virtually for our fourth annual Hasura User Conference on June 20-22, 2023 where we will bring you the latest features, product updates, and the chance to see what other developers are building and how Hasura is helping their success.

This complimentary, three-day virtual experience brings together thousands of developers and Hasura users from across the world. Hear from the brightest minds building centralized and standardized Data APIs

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Share your story at HasuraCon 2023

Calling all Hasura customers, partners, and enthusiasts! We want to hear your Hasura story at HasuraCon 2023!
Important Info
CFP closes on Mar 10th at 11:59 pm PT
We welcome all kinds of technical talks about Hasura – from industry use cases and production best practices to how you build your side project with Hasura.
  • Hasura in Production
    What problem are you solving with Hasura? What does your architecture look like, and why? What was the before/after, and where is the project headed next?
  • Feature Deep Dives
    Share a deep dive on how you’re using a specific Hasura feature, such as streaming subscriptions, or event triggers to solve a specific task.
  • Best Practices
    Help the Hasura community learn from your journey so they walk the same path a little quicker and with less bruises.
  • Architecture Show-And-Tell
    Illustrate how Hasura fits into your technical stack, what drove your design decisions, and the pros and cons of those choices.
  • Hacked on Hasura
    Using Hasura in unconventional and interesting ways? Tell the community!
  • Did We Miss Something?
    Don’t worry if your idea doesn't perfectly fit this structure. The prompts are suggestions to get those ideas flowing. If your talk idea involves Hasura, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Talk Types
    We have two talk formats: 10-min lightning talks and 30-min deep dives. Please select your preferred format when submitting a proposal.
  • Talk Formats
    All sessions will be pre-recorded for this virtual conference. Confirmed speakers will receive detailed instructions in April, and recording sessions will be scheduled during the first two weeks of June.
  • Languages
    We celebrate the diversity of the global Hasura community, and are accepting submissions in all languages.
  • Important Dates
    • CFP closes: March 1st at 11:59 PM
    • Speakers notified: By the end of March
Other Queries
Please email [email protected] for any clarifications or requests.

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