June 20-22, 2023 | VIRTUAL | Free
Join us for three days to learn, share, celebrate, and geek out on the future of Hasura and GraphQL.
Tanmai Gopal
CEO & Co-founder

Why Attend HasuraCon?

Whether you’re a seasoned Hasura pro or just starting, there will be something for everyone at HasuraCon 2023.
GraphQL APIs are reshaping the world of data delivery and access, enabling enterprises to do more with their data by serving it where it’s needed and when it’s needed in a fast, secure, and flexible way. Hasura’s engine, features, and tools, as well as Hasura customers, are driving this shift.
Our speaker lineup is world-class, and you’ll have the chance to hear from people at the forefront of building apps and data architectures while learning about the latest tools and technologies driving data innovation.
With hands-on workshops and learning about new tools, tips, and tricks from real-life use cases, HasuraCon helps you grow your skill set.
This will be a great event to engage with developers, architects, and more to share ideas, ask questions, and build relationships.
Walk away with a deeper understanding of emerging trends, insights and actionable strategies to put into action when you’re back at work.
speakers from the following companies will be presenting
US House of representatives

Meet our Speakers

We have an amazing lineup of speakers from Fortune 500 companies and our own Hasura Experts
Tanmai Gopal
CEO and Co-Founder, Hasura
Rishi Divate
VP, Product, Hasura
Rahul Agarwal
Senior Product Manager, Hasura
Aditya Muppavarapu
Global Leader, Cloud Native Development and Builder Experience
Vaishnavi G V S
Product Manager, Hasura
Amit Tomar
Senior Product Manager, Hasura

Join the Conversation

Learn from developers, architects, and data experts as they generously share their use cases, learnings, and recommendations on unlocking data in the enterprise.
Hasura in Production
What problem are you solving with Hasura? What does your architecture look like, and why? What was the before/after, and where is the project headed next?
Best Practices
Help the Hasura community learn from a real-life use case so attendees learn to walk the same path a little quicker and with less bruises.
Feature Deep Dives
Deep dives on how practitioners are using a specific Hasura feature, such as streaming subscriptions or event triggers to solve a specific task.
Architecture Show-And-Tell
Illustrate how Hasura fits into your technical stack, what drove your design decisions, and the pros and cons of your thought processes.
Hacked on Hasura
We love hearing how Hasura is being used unconventional and interesting ways.
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Event replays are available