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Version: v3.x

Create a Project

What's about to happen?

We're going to create a project on Hasura DDN.

Projects contain all the configuration and metadata for your supergraph. A project will contain exactly one supergraph. When you create a project, you're creating a resource on Hasura DDN. Eventually, this can be used to serve your API.



Step 1. Create a project

Let's start by creating the project on Hasura DDN.

From any directory, run:
ddn project create
This command will return the project name and the console URL for your project:
Example output:
4:19PM INF Project "cool-cat-3685" created on Hasura DDN successfully
| Name | cool-cat-3685 |
| Console URL | |

Step 2. Set the project context

As a convenience feature — and to prevent the need to pass the flag with every command — we can set the project context using this command with the value returned from the CLI in the previous command.

From any project directory, run:
ddn context set project <project-name>

What did this do?

The CLI provisioned a new project for you on Hasura DDN and then returned the project name and console URL for your project. You then used the context set project command to give the CLI context as to which DDN project this local directory is connected.

Next steps

Now that your local metadata is mapped to a project on Hasura DDN, you can begin to create your subgraphs on Hasura DDN as well.