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Bootstrapping a medical mask listing platform in three days using Hasura

24-06-2020 · 11:10 PDT
When the demand for masks spiked during the Covid19 crisis, Fabian and two of his friends decided to build a listing platform to match buyers and suppliers of protective gear. The main goal was to fight cutthroat prices and make the entire market more transparent.
To help quickly and keep costs low, they built the first MVP in just three days with the help of Hasura, NextJS, Digital Ocean, and Vercel.
In this talk, Fabian will tell the story with its ups and downs, go over the platform's architecture, discuss scaling, and how to implement transaction emails with Hasura.
  • Reference architecture for a listing platform, including hosting of Hasura, Postgres, the React frontend, user uploads and CDN caching
  • Insights into load test results of Hasura and how to utilize Cloudflare Workers as a caching layer and NextJS static optimization to decrease the load of Hasura
Fabian Schulze
Fabian Schulze
Freelancer / Founder
About Fabian Schulze
Hey, I am Fabian, a freelance software developer from Aachen, Germany. My main focus currently is on the React ecosystem. I like to experiment a lot with different frameworks and approaches on how to build reliable and fun to use web applications. Apart from software development, I like long motorcycle adventures, (drone-)photography and mountain biking. I am always interested in getting to know new people who either share my hobbies or my fable for awesome tech. Feel free to say hi :-)