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Shifting to Hasura: Lessons from a Rails developer

24-06-2020 · 10:55 PDT
What's it like going from "The Rails Way" to Hasura? We'll cover similarities and differences between these two open source web development platforms, and how to shift your mindset when developing in Hasura but all your past experience is in Rails. We'll discuss monolithic MVC vs. Event-driven SOA, REST vs. GraphQL, the ORM, and foundational pillars that shape each technology.
Having used both Rails and Hasura in fast-moving production environments, my goal is to help you all shift your mindset from Rails to Hasura (without getting into which is better!). We’ll highlight some major architectural differences and map some shared concepts. You’ll have less surprises and more confidence as you get started with Hasura.
Avinash Moondra
Avinash Moondra
Software Engineer
About Avinash Moondra
Avi is an engineer, mostly in web and startups so far. In his free time, you can find him working on, in the kitchen, or running many miles at a time.