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GraphQL Everywhere: Use Hasura + GraphQL Mesh to create the ultimate data graph

23-06-2020 · 12:00 PDT
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Hasura set the standard on fast graph from your own data. What if we could make any data to become a graph and combine it easily our Hasura's graph? GraphQL Mesh is a new and exciting library that helps create a GraphQL SDK from any data source (Swagger/openapi, gRPC, SOAP and others). Now your can have all your data in a single graph, from any source, legacy or new, without doing a lot of manual work. In this talk I'm doing to demonstrate the amazing power Hasura and GraphQL Mesh can provide for any app out there!
That having GraphQL with Hasura is not confined anymore to your Postgres DB. You can query your legacy services and connect them for a powerful modern experience.
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein
About Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein is the founder of The Guild, a group of open-source developers working around the world. They help create important open source libraries, mostly around GraphQL, to support large companies going through technological transformations.