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Enterprise grade deployment of your Hasura stack on AWS

23-06-2020 · 11:35 PDT
This talk will introduce you to the new AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and use it to deploy an enterprise ready Hasura stack. You will learn the fundamental requirements of an enterprise Hasura deployment and how CDK enables you to manage your AWS infrastructure using a language you already know. Some familiarity with regular AWS concepts such as VPC and RDS would be useful but is not required.
  • An introduction to enterprise considerations for Hasura deployments.
  • An introduction to CDK fundamentals and how CDK can enable infrastructure as code using a familiar language.
Gordon Johnston
Gordon Johnston
Director / Co-Founder
About Gordon Johnston
Gordon has worked in the internet industry for 20 years in roles including architecture and development and for the last 3 years as the technical brains behind Lineup Ninja, an Hasura powered Speaker Management platform. He has worked with Hasura since the early alpha versions and is active in the community. He is also a keen advocate for mental health issues.