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How Hasura makes Learning Code Easier

24-06-2020 · 9:05 PDT
You normally need to learn all layers of the stack to build an awesome portfolio application by yourself. Hasura makes it so that you only need to worry about the frontend. This makes learning code and building portfolio projects more fun and accessible, keeping learners hooked. In this talk, we'll discuss using Hasura to allow new programmers to build complex web applications much more quickly and easily than ever before.
  • How to teach Hasura
  • How accessible getting up and running with Hasura is
Alison Spittel
Alison Spittel
Faculty Lead
About Alison Spittel
Ali teaches people to code. She loves Python, JavaScript, and talking about code. She is most interested in the intersection of programming, art, and education. She's a distinguished faculty member at General Assembly, where she teaches people how to code. When Ali's not working, you can find her watching New England sports, competing on CodeWars, taking runs around the city, rock climbing, or participating in coding community events. Ali also blogs about code and her life surrounding it. Her writing has gotten over a million readers in the past year. She is also a Google Developer Expert and Mozilla Tech Speaker.