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Integrating Hasura into an Existing GraphQL Ecosystem with Remote Schemas

23-06-2020 · 9:55 PDT
TypeRemote Joins
Making GraphQL applications with Hasura gives us many powerful features out of the box but the one we rarely talk about is remote schemas. Remote schemas enable us to do remote relations on our data to another GraphQL server which unlocks a whole new world of ways in which you can build your applications and schemas.
In this talk we will present a small demo on how to use remote schemas to connect to another GraphQL server. Afterwards we will also showcase an example of how we implemented a larger GraphQL ecosystem for an organization to create a future-proof architecture where all further applications can be built in multiple Hasura environments.
A remote schemas example and how-to, the power of remote schemas and bonuses it gives you in developing a GraphQL ecosystem for a big organization, a real life case in where we used remote schemas to make integration easier for us.
Boštjan Cigan
Boštjan Cigan
Head of GraphQL Department
About Boštjan Cigan
I am a full-stack developer with a masters degree in Computer and Information Science (University of Ljubljana) and over five years of experience. Currently I specialize in the creation of highly scaled systems focusing on the stack containing React, GraphQL, Express and OpenShift but am also versatile in other development environments and have a proven track record of working with WordPress. I also have a high passion for mentoring. I am a professor at Erudio University (head of Programming II course) am an instructor at Smart Ninja (coding school for beginners) and a mentor at Thinkful.