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Making breaking API changes without breaking your consumer app

22-06-2020 · 10:45 PDT
TypeConsumer App
At Swiggy, we saw an emerging business opportunity during COVID and made quick work of releasing an app. We went fully native because Flutter made it really, really easy.
3 weeks in, we're pivoting left, right, and center. After releasing version 85, 10% of our users are still on version 1. Now, we didn't build force updates into version 1, and even if we had, we're not sure if demanding an update is acceptable UX for a new app.
So when business demands a new feature that breaks the consumer app APIs, we resort to some non-traditional use of PostgreSQL magic.
I will talk about our experience building & quickly iterating on a realtime consumer application with Hasura.
Ashwin Goyal
Ashwin Goyal
New Initiatives
About Ashwin Goyal
Ashwin uses technology to help startups manage and sustain their growth. He was formerly CTO at Bombay Shirts and Pocket Aces. At Swiggy/New Initiatives, he's helping build the next set of products to bring unparalleled convenience to consumers.