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Adding GraphQL using Hasura to an existing FinTech app to speed up development

22-06-2020 · 11:10 PDT
Pamela will give a backend developer's prespective on how Hasura helps improving developer efficiency and time to market in a highly dynamic environment.
  • In a fast changing environment, being able to deliver versatile APIs allows you to deliver features quickly and to adapt to new business requirements easily
  • Hasura can be easily integrated into an existing architecture and can provide a GraphQL server with no effort
  • By exploiting Hasura’s authorization system and controlling authorization at field level, you can expose a wide range of data and serve different types of users at the same time without stealing developer time
Pamela Gotti
Pamela Gotti
Senior Software Engineer
About Pamela Gotti
Pamela is Senior Software Engineer in Credimi SPA and CTO of She Tech Italy. Pamela is a software engineer at Credimi SPA and the CTO of SheTech. She loves the versatility of her job, that gave her the opportunity to work in different industries (travel in Expedia, abuse prevention in Google, political intelligence in Policy Brain and finance in Credimi) and to be exposed to different areas of computer science, from coding to data science to software architecture. As CTO of SheTech her mission is to foster diversity in Italy by organizing events that empower women in tech, and to show how fun it is to design and implement software architectures.