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Building an enterprise multi-tenant SaaS product with Hasura

22-06-2020 · 11:50 PDT
A retelling of our experiences adopting Hasura at WorkClout. This talk will cover what was involved in learning, deploying, and maintaining Hasura as our primary backend service. Covering all of the lessons learned and benefits gained along the way.
  • Hasura is real-time on the postgres trigger level, not just on the Hasura subscription level
  • Hasura != Parse, Firebase
  • Hasura does not replace your backend engineering team
  • Hasura can be just as flexible for custom business logic as any custom-written API service
  • The speed at which you can go to production with Hasura with an idiomatic relational database and an API gateway is game-changing
Richard Girges
Richard Girges
Co-founder & CTO
About Richard Girges
I'm the Co-founder & CTO of a Y Combinator startup named WorkClout. I've been a software engineer for over 15 years, with most of my experience in open source web development and over half of my career working at Silicon Beach-based startups.