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Blazing fast deployment of a fullstack Angular, GraphQL & Hasura App with Qovery

Qovery helps developers to deploy their applications in the cloud in just a few seconds. In this talk, I will show you why Qovery is the perfect solution to deploy your Hasura application. By the end of this talk, you will be able to deploy a fullstack Angular, GraphQL & Hasura App in production in less than a minute.
You can deploy Hasura with PostgreSQL to a scalable cloud solution using one command in less than a minute.
Patryk Jeziorowski
Patryk Jeziorowski
Developer Advocate
About Patryk Jeziorowski
Programming enthusiast who loves solving real problems with technology. Google Summer of Code intern. Currently helping Qovery to build the first Container as a Service platform that allows anyone to deploy applications to the cloud in seconds.