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Hasura and the GraphQL CMS

24-06-2020 · 9:30 PDT
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Hasura is a powerful BaaS for building rich applications on GraphQL. GraphCMS, and the other GraphQL native headless CMS enable content teams with intuitive UIs and workflows. This talks hows how to architect the two together with remote schemas for the ultimate "time-to-market" speed boost.
  • Use Hasura as the glue for your entire GraphQL service stack.
  • GraphQL is a technology worth betting on.
  • Use a headless CMS for CMS things and a BaaS for BaaS things.
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Developer Advocate
About Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin is a developer advocate for GraphCMS where he promotes the future of GraphQL for developer-driven companies around the world. He's a product fanatic and can talk about branding and content strategy all day.