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Going Static in a Dynamic World with Hasura and Nuxt.js

24-06-2020 · 10:10 PDT
This talk covers how to use static sites with Hasura, from setting up your endpoint, adding the query to Nuxt.js to display your data with Apollo and GraphQL, how to setup a hook so that it triggers a deploy of your site on content change as static sites need to be redeployed on content change. How to secure your API. Showcasing the static module of Nuxt.js which means you don't have to expose your API call thanks to only calling the API on build and the payload on page change and refresh thanks to the new static module of Nuxt.js.
That you can use static sites with Hasura, that it is easy to set up and that you can change your content and regenerate your site and it's not difficult to setup.
Debbie O'Brien
Debbie O'Brien
Head of Learning and Developer Advocate
About Debbie O'Brien
Debbie O’Brien is Head of Learning and Developer Advocate at NuxtJS, the progressive VueJS framework. Debbie has over 10 years experience in Frontend development. She has worked as a Tech Lead and consultant for many important clients with varios technologies and often with a strong focus on performance. She has lead teams both in house and remotely as well as giving workshops and training. She has many years of experience as a mentor for online learning platforms, Treehouse and OpenClassrooms. Debbie is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies, Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Cloudinary Media Developer Expert.