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SwiftUI with Hasura and Apollo - The Good, The Bad, and the Unspeakably Ugly

24-06-2020 · 10:20 PDT
We recently launched a project on top of SwiftUI. This was our first foray into iOS programming since before the days of Swift. In some ways, SwiftUI is very react-like. In other ways, its incredibly different. We will cover some of the lessons learned and techniques we've discovered for effectively and safely using Apollo and Hasura in a SwiftUI project.
The hasura community should have a sense of what is the same and what is different from writing a SwiftUI app vs a React app. The idea is that with this talk, an engineer who has basic Swift / SwiftUI competency could quickly ramp up and add a Hasura / graphql backend.
Max Cantor
Max Cantor
CEO and litter scooper
About Max Cantor
Max Cantor is an entrepreneurial leader with deep technical skills in full stack web development. He was previously Head of Product engineering at Atrium where he led multiple teams of engineers. Prior to Atrium, he was Director of Research Engineering at Nitro Software after their acquisition of Docmunch, where he was a co-founder. He is deeply passionate about elegant technology and people management. Outside of work, he is an instrument rated private pilot and part time crossfit and weightlifting coach.